Designer Picture Framing

Designer framing style here simply means advanced and complicated way to display your fine art or objects using conventional and unconventional material. When you want to display your three dimensional art or object, we will put extra effort and time to complete the project. We recommend designer frame style for:

  • Original watercolor, oil, pencil and acrylic paintings
  • Fine Art photography
  • Editions Limited Gicle, prints and posters
  • Vintage posters
  • Collectibles
  • Fabric, jewelry and objects

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Barn Wood Picture Frames

Barn Wood Picture Framing:

We are very happy to offer old original barn wood framing from America’s mid-west. Not only we make an impact to our environment, but you will receive a one of kind piece of natural wood to display your art and memories.

Although, the barn wood is the most weathered and natural wood to be around, we take every precautions to make sure it is safe. We wash and apply a natural clear coat to each piece of wood to protect it’s beauty and color and to make it safe for years to come.

The new decoration trend is old, rustic and up-cycled wood. Every barn and every piece of wood that we use to make frames are different from each other in texture, color, width and depth. Please check for our current stock of wood and see if it is something you like for your projects.

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Sample of Basic Simple Picture Frame Style 2

Rustic Hand Painted Custom Framing:

We are delighted to offer custom color rustic frames for your art and photo projects. You’ll get one of a kind painted frame made to order for your art. If you are looking for something unique one of a kind frame style, this product is for you. The style is trendy and contemporary and most flexible to matching your color of choice in your home or office.

  • – All rustic wood are reclaimed with custom paint and finish, manufactured individually in our warehouse;
  • – Best choice for designers and earth conscious individuals to style their home and offices;
  • – 100% satisfaction guarantee on quality of material and craftsmanship;
  • – Customizing to any color shades and any size if one of the ready made does not meet your needs;
  • – Most orders are shipped within seven business days

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shadow box

Shadow Box | Floating Framing:

Shadow boxes are used for floating and placing your art/photo or object vertically so you can hang it on your wall. Every art and every object receive a custom processing procedure in order to preserve and display it the best possible way without distractions. The depth of the box and the style of floating and colors all can be customized. We recommend shadow boxes for:

  • Fabric, tapestries, Cuba cloths, rugs, and similar flat art pieces
  • Jewelry
  • Clothing – sport jerseys and memorabilia
  • Fine art – original water color
  • Maps & blue prints and vintage posters
  • Antique documents & photographs
  • Any valuable and sentimental object….

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