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We are very pleased with the real estate community of Maui who with their referrals made our opening month a very successful month. A BIG Thank You!

We love to work with service providers to serve residents and visitors of Maui with the highest level of service and quality possible. We work with passion and provide convenience, and we are delighted to offer services that are very unique to the Island of Maui. Because we are set up with a full picture framing facility, we can finish work within two weeks so clients don’t have to wait for months to get back their framed art & photo, while ensuring that we enjoy the breathtaking Maui sunsets. We hope to be on everyone’s list of preferred vendors in Maui for many years to come. Here is what you can tell about Blue Dot Picture Framing:

When you refer your clients to us

Please don’t hesitate to email or call us for any information or to set up an appointment today. Oh, and we are nice people too.


Farima & Jay Joya

Happy Holidays

happy holidays bdpf

We can’t believe that we’ve reached the end of 2015. It was a year of change which was filled with excitement and nervousness. Excited to expand to Maui, and nervous for the new beginning. The past three months in Maui feels like three weeks. We’ve accomplished much more than we had expected. Move to Maui was the right choice.

We are so blessed to have serviced a few clients each of whom was a please to work with. We really did not expect such high praise for our work, but again, we are thrilled to have gotten a few 5-star reviews in this short amount of time.

So, this holiday season, the best thing you can do for us is to, refer your clients, friends and family to us with confidence. Rest assured that we’ll provide them with a 5-Star service. Please check our online reviews at Blue Dot Picture Framing on, and at

Our showroom is open: Monday – Friday, 10 to 4 – Saturdays by appointment. We will be closed on Christmas and New Year’s Day.

With much love,

The Joyas



Large Antique Fish Net On Display

When I moved to Maui and was searching for a business location, I was looking for a first floor warehouse/office type of locations. Somehow, the agent brought me to my current location which is on the second floor, and it is an office/retail type of location. I fell in love with this location and decided to make it work for me. It is a corner space with 180 degrees view in a prominent building with high visibility. It has a corner window that you can hardly find in the area. My imagination went wild as to what could be displayed at this window. Now, this is the final product:

A 1940 original antique fish net that is hanged on a barn wood and tied on a painted Molokai Island backdrop. This 4′ x 7′ frame is custom painted for the art with a painted rustic border all around the object. The painting is also my work. This is an example of a shadow box/floating art or object framing that is one of a kind – customized with my own painting in the background.

large fish net frame 1

As with everything else in the showroom, this custom art and frame is for sale or rent. I feel that it will shine even more in a large spacious room to view and appreciate.

For further information on this piece and other Blue Dot Art Collection, please contact me today.

Jay Joya

info [at]


Custom Hand Painted Floater Frame for Canvas

A couple weeks ago, I had an opportunity to work with a very talented artist, Ilene Avery. She brought in a piece of her original oil painting to be framed. She was looking for something different and didn’t want the ordinary choices of black, gold, silver or natural colors for her piece.

First of all, I was fascinated by her style, composition and the color combination of this piece. This is a 30″x40″ Oil Painting. She said she saw this view from the second story balcony of the San Francisco Musium of Art and got inspired to paint it.


I suggested that since I do all custom hand painted frames, I can choose the deepest blue color of the painting and try to add it as an accent to the frame and make it unique. The frame will not be black, but a black with deep rich blue shade showing from behind. This comination added a nice border tone to the art. She immediately agreed.

floater canvas frame


A couple of weeks later, after going through three different process of painting, sanding, and staining, she picked up her piece and could not believe how beautiful and complimenting the frame was to the art. I don’t know if she will keep the art for herself or she will sell it, but I know that anyone looking at it will enjoy the quality of work and the artistic touch this custom hand painted frame and a great art forever.

I thank Ilene for trusting me with her art and frame, and look forward to work with her again.

What do you think about this art and frame combination?


How do I frame my photography?

Small photos look great in a simple frame or no frame at all. We can mount your photos onto styrene that can be displayed to offer a shadow layer underneath the photo. For larger photos (16” and up) you will want to choose a thick mat around the photo and dark, solid wood or metal frame. White matting with a black frame is the most popular for photography. For single-mat pieces you will want to choose a non-glare glazing. For double-matted images a non-glare museum-quality glazing is preferred.


You will want to choose a frame and matting that enhances the photo and compliments the matting. Blue Dot Picture Framing specializes in photography presentation and we can help you decide what materials to use.


How do I install my picture frame?

Mounting your frame correctly is very important. Improperly hanging your art can result in a crooked display or worse, the frame can fall and cause injury. For small, lightweight frames you can use a standard nail or a screw with a drywall anchor. You want to position the nail or screw in the top center of your piece. For wide/panoramic displays you will want to mount both ends to the wall rather than just using the center bracket. 


For frames over 15 pounds you may want to drill into a wall stud to be sure it will hold. For larger and heavier frames, we recommend purchasing a wall mount. We call it a “Z-Bar” but there are many names for it. Blue Dot Framing can supply you with the correct materials for hanging your frames.


What type of frame is good for photography?

Traditionally, photographers and galleries prefer to keep frames simple and sleek. White matting with a black frame is used the majority of the time. You can select a nice dark hardwood frame or a stylish black metal frame, either matte or glossy finish. Having a wide border around your photo is not uncommon, in fact proper use of “white space” is very important to consider when framing photographs. 


Framing photos may seem easy, but in fact it is very important to work with your framer to determine the best way to position your photographs within the frame. the goal is to draw the viewer to the center of the photo and to provide a good contrast between the image and the frame.

What is a shadow box?


Shadow boxes are designed for displaying more than just a flat piece of art or photography. They come in all shapes and sizes, and Blue Dot Framing specializes in producing custom-made shadow boxes. These are useful for displaying three-dimensional objects, memorabilia, and items you want to protect over the course of time, like family heirlooms, antique dolls, etc. We can produce a shadow box that is customized for your object. The object is placed inside the shadow box or mounted to the back matting.


A non-reflective, glare-resistant glazing is preferred for shadow boxes. Ask us about our custom jersey displays, guitar cases and other shadow box applications!